Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Self Introduction

    Hello,everybody!I’m glad to introduce myself to you.
    My name is zhu haihan,and my English name is icy. I am from xinyang,henan province.Now I am majoring in history in Wuhan University,it is really my honor to have this opportunity for this summer trip. 

    As a college student,my interests are very diverse. I like many sports,such as playing badminton or playing teenis.I think basketball is the sports almost everyboy likes it.And i konw that there is a famous basketball player in our country.Yes! He is Yao Ming.

    listening to the music an playing

the piano are also my favourite.In my opinion,music can make us feel relaxed in our busy study life.And I have a motto,it is:Strike a proper balance between work and rest.

    Last but not least,I love hello kitty most.

    Then it will help us spend each day much more cheerful.And so on.Hope all we have a happy vacation!


  1. Haihan, this is really a NICE blog post with words, thoughts, feelings, AND just a few very nice pictures. Great job and fun to see it and get to know you. Thanks so much!

  2. Also, hope we'll get to hear you play piano, Icy!


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