Monday, July 14, 2014

A trip to the organic farm

Maybe it's a little late to write this blog three days after we leave the organic farm. The trip to the organic farm is really recreational and educational and well worth recording. 

It's never occurred to me that farming requires so much knowledge and wisdom. We might have learn a lot bout organic farming in the reading or listening. But we don't know what do farmers think when they chose to farm organically rather than in a more productive and efficient way or how exactly organic farming works.

Ms.Jorgensen told us that she choosed to farm organically to protect our earth. They use one kind of plant to protect another. Though it is a much complex and original way to farm it avoid the use of chemical.

What impressed me most is the land where tomatoes are planted. We were told that the land had be "raised" for 5 years before the tomatoe were seeded!

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