Monday, July 14, 2014

Sightseeing in the zoo

We had a good time in the zoo yesterday.We went to the Austrilia park in case we could see the kola bear  at first.But it's a pity that he still sleeping in the tree behind the leaves.He looked like a round ball,so I couldn't see his head ,just a grey ball in the tree.

We found some beautiful birds by accident.They're parrots.They're so friendly to people.And we fed them something like water or milk.They just seemed like hungry and thirsty.They came to us so that we took a lot pictures.They're so lovely.
Next we went to the Africa park to see some pola bears.It's lucky that we catch up the show played by two pola bears.They were so cute.Hans told us he just wanted to hug them at once.We learned that they seldom eat the fish around them because they even couldn't catch them.They eat something like small ball that with all kinds of nutrition they need in it.They like eating watermelon and like playing dolls.

We also saw some other animals besides.For example,the tiger,giraffe,buffalo,lizard,orang-utan,swan and  their babies and so on.We really had a wonderful day in the zoo,the most amazing zoo in US.

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