Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Government education

    As everyone knows, Columbus has some world famous architectures , including antique Greek Ohio State, Art Center and the Columbus conference center.          Today we went to the downtown to enjoy the Columbus  special government are.

   On Arriving at the city's center,  my  first impressions  on Columbus really ,to tell the truth reallylet me down ,  in my impression,a  city  in the  U.S should just like New York with a lot of tall buildings, Skyscrapers which could cover the sun, but as  the capital of  Ohio you couldn't see groups of  tall buildings.

    But,having walked for a while ,In the city , you could be touched ,there are many art galleries, restaurants, hotels and shops, there are many decorated Vitoria style architecture, known as the city of Vitoria. 

    First we went to the City Hall, City Hall consists of a mayor and a City Council. The city council are elected every two years, the mayor appointed safety officer and public service, financial officer, supervision and lawyers produced by the citizens election.

    Then we went to the state government, as Columbus has many states and city governments, the government is the largest employer in Columbus. The Ohio State was built in the beginning of 1839, the land was donated by Columbus landlord (about forty thousand square meters). The building is built of local limestone, the ground is five meters deep. Unlike many other state assembly building in America ,the Ohio State is rarely mimic USA parliament building. 

    A nice spent downtown <


  1. Icy, great pictures as always. You've mentioned some interesting things about Columbus that reflect some long held beliefs of mine. Even though Columbus seems like a small farm city, it's actually almost just like New York in terms of culture and business. You can get a big city feel, without the crowdedness of a big city, you also get that small country town feel, without the emptiness. Columbus is a great city because of it's diversity.

  2. Well said Hans. And don't worry Icy, you're not the only person to think that Columbus would look like New York. There is only one New York and one Chicago. After living in Phoenix, Wuhan and Shanghai I think Columbus has everything you need but doesn't have that big city feel.


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