Saturday, July 19, 2014

The day in Mike's house

    Yesterday, we went to Mike's house, the place which is very beautiful and well decorated. We looked around and found something that is interesting, just like the loft and stairs. To see Mike's house , it surrounded by different kinds of flowers, which makes people feel comfortable and close to the nature.
    Also, we had a wonderful lunch time. Lots of food, like hamburgers, sausages and some Chinese food makes me feel at home. But, what most impressed me is a band just playing for us with our lunch. They made beautiful songs and dulcet guitar. After that, most of us got an album that is original.
    After lunch, most of our group had a ball game, which is much more like baseball game but it easier to play than baseball. We just threw the ball, hit the ball and ran ran ran. Maybe there is a little difficulty in understanding the whole rules and the way to win, but all of us had a great time with Hans and Eric.
    For me, every day is an unforgettable day and what I need to do is cherish it and enjoy it.

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  1. The Rock and Roll lunch is one of my favorites as well. Glad you enjoyed. I had a blast at the whiffle ball game as well. It's very much baseball but the bar doesn't travel as far and you don't need a glove. Pure baseball!


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