Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hi~ My name is Vicky and my Chinese name is 蘇家怡!It's my first time to be in the USA. It's really lucky for me to meet you guys because friendship is really important for me. I wanna catch everything chances to try everything here... And I wish that we can watch the World Cup game together! Hope you guys enjoy everyday!


  1. Thanks for posting Vicky and also to you and Larissa for making a cool sign for your dorm door. I hope everyone will get time to be creative and have fun here. Hopefully you are all getting used to the time soon. I think maybe Germany will win the world cup but I'm pulling for Argentina as I have friends there!

  2. Hi Vicky! We are lucky to meet you, too! I really enjoyed having you in the self-defense class, and let me know if you ever want to practice some more. I always enjoy yelling with other people! NOOOOOO!!!!! hahahaha. :)
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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