Thursday, July 10, 2014

A brief introduction from Vincy

    Hello, everyone! I am Vincy, and my Chinese name is 邹嘉昕. I'm glad to see all of you guys here. I like traveling, so I have been to many fascinating places in China. Also, I love playing Guzheng when I am alone. And, watching sports games is my favorite thing especially the NBA games. Kobe Bryant is my super hero and I love him for about ten years. So, if you like Kobe, please let me know.

    This is my first time to the USA. And I love it immediately. Columbus is a beautiful city and I lose myself deep in the blue sky and white cloud. I enjoy the trip and love all the teachers and firends, which  are extremely nice to people. I hope that we will have great time with each other in the following days. And I 'm sure that this summer must be my beautiful and precious memory! 
    Thanks all!


  1. Well done Vincy - great to know you're enjoying your time in Columbus. Columbus has welcomed you back with beautiful weather!

  2. Hi Vincy, I'm so glad that you're enjoying columbus so far! That is a beautiful picture, by the way. I don't know very much about basketball, but have you heard of Lebron James? He is also a very famous NBA player, and he is from Ohio. :)
    Looking forward to seeing you again and hearing more about your adventures here!

    1. Oh,I know LBJ. I think maybe most Ohio people would love him just like we Chinese people love Yao Ming. But the only one I loved in NBA is Kobe. I love him very very very much. Maybe we could talk about basketball.


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