Thursday, July 17, 2014

emily/days in Ohio

It has been several days since we came to Ohio, American. It's fairly tiring for the first  few days due to the long fight. 

For the very first time we went to a brand new place where we didn't know much about. The sunshine is so bright, the weather here are so dry, making us feel uncomfortable to some extent. But to our surprise, people here are so enthusiast and friendly. Everybody we met strongly welcomed us, and smiled at us. 

Everyday we got new stuffs to do, new things to try, and new experience waiting for us.

In ohio, we learned far more about American culture and how to communicate with different people.  It's a self-development for everybody, giving us the chance to be more independent and mature.

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  1. These are beautiful pictures! Indeed, it is a self-development for everybody--including the teachers and friends of WTO. We love meeting all of you and learning from you as well. I hope you enjoy the last few days in Columbus, OH!


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