Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nice trip in Zoo-by Vicky

We've been to a zoo.
I see many animals there obviously, but I'm also curious with something.
Animals live on the earth just like us. If we just focus on building our own city, where can they go?  
It's known to us all that the pola bear live in the north pola, how can they live in the such high-temperature place? 

Camels live in desert, but how can they live here? Won't they feel cold? 

What should be done while the seasons turns one to another? 

Some animal just have their own in one cage, are they lonely? They really need no friends?

Forest is getting less and less these days, when will people realize that we should protect the forest and the wild animals?

Time is not that enough that I can't find the answers... That's a pity. But it's really a good day.

Last but not least, show u a nice picture of lovely fish!

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  1. That's why the Columbus Zoo is so important to us. It is specifically designed to educate people on the questions you asked. It's too bad you didn't have enough time to get the answers, but I can answer the one about the polar bears. The keeper mentioned that they have an air conditioned area for really hot days, and the water usually keeps them cool as well. The other thing that allows them to survive is they have less body fat than their north pole relatives. So they are not as well insulated and have adapted slightly to the warmer weather. Hope that helps.


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