Monday, July 14, 2014

No pity but excitement -by lynn

Today,we have class in the morning. We learn that we should be more curious about everything. Curious will not kill the cat but it can help us a lot. We should always ask ourselves why and know about the foundation of the problem. Although American is different from Chinese we should adapt to their lifestyle instead of escaping. We may meet many different people and we can keep up courage and chat with them. Only in this way can we know comprehensive USA . Confront with the problem then we can solve it.
In the afternoon Pete took us to the museum. But the museum was closed. Then Pete took us to the mall. I think it is cool. We see a lot of fruit in the mall that they are so cheep. I haven't ate fruits for many days so I feel so happy to see them. I bought cherry ,strawberry  and grapes. Fish oil is also cheap here that I bought some for my grandpa. Sometimes things will not go as you think . But mistake canalso be beautiful. I enjoy a good time here!

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  1. Great job summarizing the points of the class Lynn. Yes, curiosity, ambition, and motivation will get you far in life. Remember to practice these things on a daily basis.


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