Monday, July 14, 2014

The small groups-the self-defense and rock climbing-by Vicky

I participated in two small groups so far. Actually, time flies too fast for me. I'm now starting to be afraid of saying bye.
So I'm trying to catch every opportunity to join in the small groups and get the unique experience, and learn as more as I can.

The first time that I joined the small group is with Brieanne, the Self-Defense. It really surprised me!
Brieanne is a pretty pretty woman, and looks like that she needs a lot of protection. But when she yells "NO", it's quiet powerful! She let me know that women can also protect ourselves well. Not like men, but in a different way. And I think that women should learn how to protect ourselves, too. It's really important.

Today I tried to climb the rock!
Actually before I have a chance to try it, I thought that it's not a simple work (well, it's also hard for me now), maybe that I won't try it in my whole life. But once I see it in the small groups' paper, I picked it. I wanna try everthing that I uesd to think that I won't do.
At first when we went in, I saw the tall...Rock Walls. Some people r climbing and I thought it's really dangerous.

I started to think that what if I just fall down and get hurt? It must be really painful!
We began to tried a short one. I did it. Things r not that hard.
But later, we went to the taller one.
Which I'm truly afraid of.
I told the worker that I might just climb to the half and then I need to go down because I can't do it.
He said "no, u can do it very well."
I started to climb.  Step by step.

I did't know how far and how tall I have climbed, I just kept going, and found the next stone that I can hold. I did't know how many time i spent, or what if i fall down, I just keep going.
Just one step before the highest point, I cannot find a stone that i can hold to climb up and I was nearly run out of my srength. Eric told me how to do loudly, and I just did it!
It's really unbelievable for me!
I just made it that easily.

And I get a conclusion. No matter what we wanna do, we don't need to look far away even if our goal is hard for us to reach. We just need to make some small target that we can reach by working hard, step by step,one day u will find that we alreay reach the final goal. It's made of the small targets we make.


  1. It's great to hear that you wanted to participate in as many activities as possible, and you chose two great ones. We organize the program in the hopes that you will be able to experience new things, maybe even conquer some fears. It seems like you've done just that. Good job.

  2. I'm glad you had the courage to continue climbing! I didn't hear you ask Jordan about coming down halfway...glad you put one foot in front of the other!


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