Monday, July 14, 2014

Zoo trip in Ohio

    Yesterday, we went to the zoo which made up by four parts: the Australian, the north America, the Asian and the Africa. We saw so many amazing animals in the zoo, such as kangaroo, koala, white bear, giraffe and so on. My favorite animal is koala, because it so cute and hairy. It just sleep the day and night, and the rest of its sleeping time is eating. So the whole life of koala is eat eat eat and sleep sleep sleep. I like its lazy and not able to move fast and frequently. It just embraces the tree and hangs on it, which is one of the most funny posture in animals I think.

    Also, there are any other funny animals in the zoo like bears and some kinds of birds and gorilla. The most strong feelings I had is the animals in this zoo may have more space than the animals in China. People worked in the zoo almost make the same nature environment for animals and not just close them in the cage but also let them free. Animals there have well protection and less constraint. Maybe this also reflects the spirit of America what we called the freedom and even animals have the equal right. I'm always thinking that maybe becoming an animal in the US is happy.

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