Monday, July 14, 2014

Do you know the benefits of playing badminton regularly?

Since badminton is becoming more and more popular worldwide,I'd like to list the benefits of playing badminton regularly.And we'd like to invite mike,Hans,pete,suzy,Eric and some other teachers to join us and play together with us if you have interest.No matter you can or cannot play it,whether you are at gooding it,we can play together,and we will teach you and spend our happy time.
1.eyes:make our eye relaxed and decrease the possibilty of myopia.
2.shoulder and vertebra:decrease the possibility of cervical spondylosis
3.heart:make your blood speed qiuke and strengthen the fuction of your heart
4:figure:keep you in the wonderful shape
time's limitted
.......there are so many other advantages that I don't have time to list all,I am so sorry!


  1. I would definitely be interested to play some badmington this week. and i think those are some great benefits.

  2. Good benefits as well! Where did you get that information about the health benefits? I enjoy playing badminton very much - I love the way the shuttlecock flies in the air.


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