Monday, July 14, 2014

Indeed,the best educational zoo

So,Hans' mother,who is a very warm-hearted lady,drove us for an hour to the zoo in Columbus.It proved that it is the best educational zoo in the U.S.
Polar bear?Well,it is of vital importance in the 4-hour trip.It's quite lucky for me to see it.I used sepia,however,to remind us of protecting such wild animals.

Thanks to Mike and Hans, we were told that there would a be a wonderful animal show at 4:00pm.We will never regret for that,seeing that all these animals are just livings in our daily life,yet their performance made us shocked,thank you,friends!
Beavers,lions,leopards,giraffes......All these animals are providing us with rejoicing.But what is more significant for us to be aware of is,our globe need them to maintain the balance of biosphere.For consideration of we human beings' desendants and other animals' desendants,we have the responsibility to protect their home.Wish we can embrace abette life.


  1. I really enjoyed that show too! It was my first time watching it even though I go to the zoo all the time. I'm glad to see that everyone came away with one important message from the zoo, and that is protecting our environment and the animals we share this world with.

  2. The Columbus zoo does an excellent job promoting that and it's great you fully understood it Zak. Be sure to take those messages back to China and share with other people of the world!


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