Thursday, July 10, 2014

A brief introduction from Tico

I'm so sorry I have procrastinated it for so long,because it's quite difficult to do it with my smart phone,so now I'm using mini to do it.
I'm a grade 1 student and my major is dentistry,actually I used "stomatology" for it before but I found that many Americans do not use it so I use dentistry now.
I love animals very much so I wanted to be a zoologist before I enter college.And one of my dream is to  be with many animals.I own a poodle whose name is candy.Being extremely friendly and cute,he loves everyone and everyone loves him.
I love movie and music.I've seen lots of different type films.My favorite films are Marry and Max,Leon,BIg Fish.I love to talk about movies so you can discuss it with me.
My favorite band is Cranberries.I also like Jason Mraz,Daniel Powter…so many.And I like singing too.
I was pretended to blow Marilyn Monroe's skirt up in that pic,haha.
Thank you so much for reading it patiently.I'm so happy to be with you guys!


  1. What a cute dog! These are great photos, Tico, and thanks for sharing them. It seems like you are very creative with taking pictures, so I can't wait to see the photos that you take during your trip here!
    Take care,

  2. My first concert to listen is Daniel Powter.I like his song,such as "free loop"is one of my favorite songs.


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