Monday, July 14, 2014

Rock climbing,cool

  Actually,I have not touched this sport until this day,with Eric,with a lot of friends,in OHIO.I think it is just true for most of us.But from the angle of us, we are excited to do this,and we almost can't wait!
  When we get there,the first word we say is "Wow"!There are many walls can be chosen,and they just look so abrupt.Maybe you'll have a doubt in mind,such as:"Can I really do this?What shall do if I drop there?"The reality is if you are afraid of something,you even do not have a try,you will never know you can do all of these,and you will do a excellent job than anyone else."So be courageous."Tell it to yourself.

  We have a great group,everyone can get your back,and they support you,shout "Come on!You can do this!",they even take picture for you.So,just focus on what you meet now,and never look back to your feet.
  The most important thing is "use your lag". I feel a little nervous when I climb the rock,so my limbs use more powers.But you will be exhausted when you come to the land.So,use your lag,and that will make this be easier.
  I really enjoy my time with my friends,and thanks a lot for Eric to take us to climb rocks.And also thanks the guy who is always helping us,he catch the rope to make sure our safety,and bring so much fun to us.
  If you are a guy who desire to challenge yourself,and if you look for something exciting,go ahead,try this!Just remember one thing,be confident and be careful.


  1. Well done Carl! I liked the ideas you shared and your personal experience. All that just for climbing some rocks!

    1. Our guide's name was Jordan
    2. You might have just typed it wrong but I said "Use your legs" not use your lap. I know what you meant.
    3. Looking forward to seeing you at the rock gym soon!

    1. Yes,thx,Eric.And also thx Jordan too,though he can't hear
      Yeah,you know that.I typed it wrong and I edited it correctly just now.If I have chance to climb rock when I came back to China,I think I'll be there.


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