Saturday, July 26, 2014

Goodbye New York

Today was our last day in New York, we did some shopping and we went to the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art, the museum was so great that we didn't want to leave there, it would be wonderful if we could spend one whole day in the museum.
We visited the Egpytian art at the beginning, all the exhibitions were so mysterious and those were exhibitions we could hardly see in China.

We also visited the Asian art exhibitions, especially the Chinese art and calligraphy exhibitions, we saw a lot of American people and European people watch the Chinese exhibitions and we were so proud and so glad to see that Chinese culture was very popular in western countries.

Though the time was limited, we did learn a lot about Egyptian and Asian art, I hope that when I come back to New York next time, I could spend a whole day in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bye-by Vicky

It's really hard to say bye.
Susie Eric Brianne Pete Linda 
We will be missing you.
Hope to see you again!
I wish someday I will come back and study here.
Best wishes for you!
Hello Everyone,

Andy here.  My wife, Leigh, and I live in Washington, DC, and we look forward to meeting you at the Washington Monument tomorrow night!  We are friends of Mike, Hans, Pete, Bob, Brieanne and others you know from Columbus.

I do technical documentation and training for the American Red Cross, and Leigh does graphic design for the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

I hope your trip to DC is easy--see you soon.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Reposting for Sunday afternoon Mint Festival with horse ride and free ice cream at Jorgenson Farms

  1. Vicky
  2. Isobel
  3. Lexi
  4. Eve
  5. Icy
  6. Carl
  7. Jeremy
  8. Crystal
  9. Iris
  10. Ezio
  11. Zak
  12. Tico
  13. Yasmine
  14. Lynn
  15. Mandy
  16. Katherine
  17. Vincy
  18. Angel
  19. York
  20. Larissa
Mike and Hans will drive two vans with 10 students in each.

We need to leave as soon after lunch at Kennedy Commons as possible! If we can leave by 12:40 or 12:45 that will be perfect.  Let's try! 

SGO for church service with Mike and Irene

Mike and Irene will take an SGO to their church on Lane Avenue called Vineyard Columbus.

Mike will pick you up after Sunrise is finished tomorrow at 9:30 to go get Irene and then go to church at 10.  We'll be done around 11.

There are 7 people in this SGO:



SGO with Susie for Catholic church service on Sunday

Susie will pick you up at 10:15 a.m. at the dorm, so be in the Lobby waiting and ready!

This SGO is for 9 people:


Columbus Museum of Art tomorrow morning with Brieanne

Be ready at 9:45 in lobby and Brieanne will bring a car to pick you up at 9:50.  You will be back by noon for lunch!

This SGO is for


Rock Climbing Make Up SGO with Hans Sunday at 3

Rock Climbing Final with Hans Sunday at 3

I think this is the group that missed. . .

The day in Mike's house

    Yesterday, we went to Mike's house, the place which is very beautiful and well decorated. We looked around and found something that is interesting, just like the loft and stairs. To see Mike's house , it surrounded by different kinds of flowers, which makes people feel comfortable and close to the nature.
    Also, we had a wonderful lunch time. Lots of food, like hamburgers, sausages and some Chinese food makes me feel at home. But, what most impressed me is a band just playing for us with our lunch. They made beautiful songs and dulcet guitar. After that, most of us got an album that is original.
    After lunch, most of our group had a ball game, which is much more like baseball game but it easier to play than baseball. We just threw the ball, hit the ball and ran ran ran. Maybe there is a little difficulty in understanding the whole rules and the way to win, but all of us had a great time with Hans and Eric.
    For me, every day is an unforgettable day and what I need to do is cherish it and enjoy it.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Motorcycle Museum we came

  The museum is a wonderful place if you are a motorcycle fan.Let me introduce something we met.At the beginning,you should know the world's first gasoline-powered motorcycle started life in 1885 as a testbed for an internal combustion engine.In this museum,they have a replica,somewhat larger than the original,was built here in Ohio.
One of my favorite motorcycles is the Harley-Davidson road king,it is a rolling example of the Motor Company's ability to find the heart of the market.It have a lot of advantages such as targeted unashamedly at cross-country travel,the bike's bold lines,ample luggage space and powerful motor.
 In there,we can see a lot of wonderful motorcycles.And a lot of medals there.You will find many champions.Know somethings they did,imagine the competitions they participated in.
  If you want to know more about the history of motorcycle,go,and find something new in that museum.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A visit to the city hall

We visit the city hall and the statehouse 4 days before we leave Columbus. It was a good chance for us to understand the politic in the America and how the government system works.

We are honored to have Mr. Dorian, a respectful old man dedicating his life to the city Columbus ,  make the presentation for us. There are quite a lot differences between the two country’s government system.

What impressed me a lot is that both city hall and state house are opened to people freely and even got tour guide in there. You know, those are  “government area” . You can’t imagine to visit the “provincehouse” in China. Chinese  government  usually give you the feeling of serious. I can’t judge which is better but I would like to have one more visiting spot and a place people can know how the local government works in the city.

Watching a Movie in the USA

Last night we 5 people went to see the movie Dawn Planet Apes 2 at Gateway Film Center,it was a great movie and we really had fun watching it.
When I finished watching  Dawn Planet Apes1, I was moved and curious about the future of the apes,the relationship between apes and human after apes gain wisdom. I have been willing to watch this second episode for so long,but this film has not been screened in China.
Episode 1
Yesterday we visited a public high school in the heart of Columbus and we have a sociable conversation with students, teschers, and administrators there. And we found that more and more young people in the U.S. now studying Chinese, as a Chinese I am very happy to see that so many people are interested in Chinese, and know more about China.
Yesterday we went to the motorcycle museum which exhibit many motors.I love the Harley motor quite a lot.They look rather cool.

Motor is something about speed and bravery.I'd like to have a motor later in my life.


I was so exciting because it's my first time to see how the rain begin!As the sky in China are always not so clear,we can hardly see the rain process.
When I and Yasmine went out of the dorm for the swimming pool,we noticed that there are some grey clouds in the sky.Ah,it's going to rain!The grey clouds moved very fast ,it seemed like they were rolling!The white clouds were disappearing,the sky was getting darker,the air was getting moister,the wind was getting stronger!
We have made our mind to go to swimming that night so we decided to move forward no matter what happened.After about 3 minutes,the rain came!The extremly cold and big drops "shot" us.My legs,arms and some part of my clothes was "shot" so I feel so cold and I cannot even hold my umbrella firmly because of the strong wind.We were still moving,I feel like we are two warriors!!!!!!
I think it's very funny because I kept crying"No!I want to go back to the dorm!No!I was frozen!I'm gonna die!"But we kept going forward.Fortunately,when we were close to the gym,the rain finally stopped.We ran into the gym brightly and rushed to the swimming pool.BUT!Only to find a closed door!It has closed!!!
However,I feel very happy to have this experience and I learned something from it too.First,don't give up,the "storm" will pass.Second,check for the time schedule before go to the swimming pool,haha!