Monday, July 14, 2014

Carpe diem。

   Time is just like  the sunshine slips through the fingers,the days  in OHIO university went so quick,I particularly  treasure the  time. yeah, the visit to the United States  is so happy an opportunity that can help we far away from  the busy  city and just enjoy the leisurely  life, who doesn't like it?
    Moreover ,  a lot of things  for us  are fresh :the diversification of  diet  can meet  our mouth; various  and cheap  goods  to  our  desire  is exuberant  with  shopping; further  master  professional and  the  deep understanding of the  American culture  make us  happy.

    Till today, we have been here for eight days, this is a good opportunity to sum up these days since we came to America on 7th,July.The following are  my  view on America's happy ,just put on blogger to share with you!
    What I see most in America is a smiling face. In the tourist attractions, if you take pictures,there will someone come to you and smilely ask you to help take a picture? See you at the store, someone may ask if you need help? See you in the hospital, just the same talk to you in smile . Even at the age of three or four American little girl, also will be in smile .Just walking in the area, you know, If a person is driving, in the car he may wave to you. 

    But why there are so many smiling faces in the America?
    The first reason I think, In American ,indeed the price is cheap. Cheap prices mean that there are not so much  pressure in life,and people are living in a happy life. An average American family of three, household income is about $4000, with these money they can live very relaxed. As you can see Americans are very satisfied, do not envy others.(The photo shows that in America you can buy a lot of things at just little money)

    Second,to have a heart of thanksgiving. American people are Christian, every Sunday morning will go to church.At church, the sermon, in fact is to teach people to be grateful. So, religious Americans every meal should be grateful, today's afternoon we ate with Mike I can see he thanked God for giving food before he ate,it was so great!
    Third,ready to help others. If you have any difficulty in American, someone will come forward to help you.A few days ago, we saw a America lady car wouldn't start at the front of a store, we see many men came to help her get to the car hit the fire .In China,when the old man fell to the ground and no one dare to help, even, be indifferent to the cold shoulder. In USA never happened the old man fell to the ground and no one dared to help this situation.

      Along the way, my heart gradually open. "Be at ease and do not worry, your time will give you whatever you want”. Whether you are in the China, or in the America,just be happy.
    Compared to some people, we may have less living environment, worser scientific research ,less funds and opportunities, but we have the time with family, friends. Life,is to choose. A choice of your identity way of life, and then to practice your understanding of life, the pursuit of your life purpose. Blind is not much meaning. Rather than down, be conscientious and do one's best, but live for today. Keep the heart, forever!

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  1. Wow. Nice work here. You're putting a lot of thought and effort into this, and there are some interesting insights. One of the benefits of these sorts of cultural exchanges is that we get an opportunity to reflect, not only on a new culture, but also on our own. I find myself thinking about similar things when I am abroad.


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