Monday, July 14, 2014

An unforgettable experience

     Hello, I am York and this is my introduce officially . I am a sophomore of Dental Hospital in WHU. I am very exciting for this travel , because this is my first time go to The USA.
     We have been there for one week, every day is wonderful for me,we went to the MOJOFLO concert , viewed the Cincinnati Museums , went to the OHIO zoo, Rock climbing. Although the daily itinerary are tired for me , but  I think we all have fun .

    I appreciate all of you who manage the trip scheduling, It's substantial and brilliant , It won't have any other way can over this scheduling , It not just a simple trip for me , because I suppose I can understand some truth of American Live , not much complex  and you just live in accordance of your true self. I have not many words to describe what my feeling was , and these pictures can express my mind.
    Thank for you read! I am York , I was in Columbus .


  1. You are definitely York and you are definitely in Columbus. You are definitely learning more about the American life but you are in essence just learning about life in a different part of the world. Try to spend the next couple of days thinking about just culture and life, rather than the US and China. Be a global citizen!


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