Monday, July 14, 2014

The organic farm and an exciting encounter

Last week we went to the organic farm.We took a long trip in the car to there.As soon as we went there,we saw a large area of grass and flowers.And there was going to be a wedding in the farm later.We felt so happy.Although it's so hot ,we still feel cool as soon as we drank the mint water.It tasted a little strange but can lower the temperature.We went to the filed where they grow their vegetable and plants.It's amazing that  they were all organic plants.We followed by the owner and learned a lot about how they watering and applying fertilizer.I think it's important to popularize this kind of organic farm in China even all over the world.

This was the flower the owner cut for us.It's beautiful.

At night I have an amazing encounter with the volleyball team in the dormitory.They're so so so tall! I'm crazy about volleyball.So I was so exciting to meet them and had a short conversation with them.They are training the high school students volleyball who are taking a summer camp here. Both I and Carl took photos with them.And they invite us to see their training if we're available.But I forgot the name where they take training every day.So I'm looking for another chance to talk to them and get some useful information.By the way, there are a lot of good-looking young man in the team!

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