Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Little Introduction about Lexi

  Hello guys!I'm Lexi,my Chinese name is 曹宝欣,and I'm also the leader of Group Two.
  I was born and grew up in Wuhan,now I'm a sophomore in Wuhan University and I major in Translation and Interpreting which is a interesting major.
  Among all my hobbies and interests,music is my favorite,I like to play piano or guitar and sing to it. And as an English major student,I spend most of the time on English songs and I have recorded nearly a hundred songs in my phone. So if you want to go to the KTV,please let me join you!
  I also love traveling,I've been to several coutries and many famous cities in our country,I really enjoy different scenery,different lifestyle in different places and meet with a lot of funny friends. I really like America and I like everything here in America,especially our friendly teachers who treat us just like friends. So I wish that all of us could have a good time in America and enjoy the rest of the days.
  Here are some photos I've taken in the OSU。


  1. Lexi, it's fun to find out that we have some great Wuhan natives in this year's program! You know that Wuhan is dear to the hearts of nearly all the OSU teachers who have taught there. I'm glad you came to OSU and want to get to know all of you better. Hope you will play a song on guitar and sing for us one day? Maybe I will bring my guitar on the East Coast trip so we can play music occasionally on the bus for fun. Thanks for your intro!

  2. Hi Lexi! THese are great photos! As Mike mentioned, Wuhan is very dear to many of us. I hope to go back some day soon, so I will look forward to seeing you there. The days have gone by too quickly during your stay here. I'm so glad to have met you though! Can't wait to read about your adventures during the East Coast tour!


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