Thursday, July 17, 2014


I was so exciting because it's my first time to see how the rain begin!As the sky in China are always not so clear,we can hardly see the rain process.
When I and Yasmine went out of the dorm for the swimming pool,we noticed that there are some grey clouds in the sky.Ah,it's going to rain!The grey clouds moved very fast ,it seemed like they were rolling!The white clouds were disappearing,the sky was getting darker,the air was getting moister,the wind was getting stronger!
We have made our mind to go to swimming that night so we decided to move forward no matter what happened.After about 3 minutes,the rain came!The extremly cold and big drops "shot" us.My legs,arms and some part of my clothes was "shot" so I feel so cold and I cannot even hold my umbrella firmly because of the strong wind.We were still moving,I feel like we are two warriors!!!!!!
I think it's very funny because I kept crying"No!I want to go back to the dorm!No!I was frozen!I'm gonna die!"But we kept going forward.Fortunately,when we were close to the gym,the rain finally stopped.We ran into the gym brightly and rushed to the swimming pool.BUT!Only to find a closed door!It has closed!!!
However,I feel very happy to have this experience and I learned something from it too.First,don't give up,the "storm" will pass.Second,check for the time schedule before go to the swimming pool,haha!

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  1. This is such a great post, Yusang!! I just loved reading it. I would definitely consider you and Yasmine warriors since you had the courage to brave the weather. I'm just sorry that the pool was closed! I hope you have a chance to go swimming--without having to get pelted by the thick rain!


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