Wednesday, July 16, 2014

motorcycle + ice-cream = wonderful!

    Yesterday,Mike took us to the motorcycle museum ,after seeing that what I have to say  is that it is such 啊great exhibition hall.

    The Museum of the existing motorcycle including retro, modern motorcycle and racing, almost every kind of motorcycle. Exhibition sources are various, not only bought in the surrounding city, also far Australia, New Zealand and the Swiss .

    My classmates and I see a lot of motorcycles here,what struck me most is the one designed for the disabled people ,someone even used it to run a circle in Australia, on the first floor ,we also saw the terminator'motorcycle which Schwarzenegger has ridden before,it is so cool.

    In the basement ,we can even ride motorcycle to take photos ,so wonderful!

    After we have seen this museum,Mike even treated us with ice—cream,it was the best one I have ever tasted,so kind was he!

    We enjoyed so much yesterday!happy OhIo!


  1. Yes, Mike is very kind, and yes, motorcycles are cool. I wish I can go next time!

  2. If we can go to there again,that will be wonderful


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