Monday, July 14, 2014

My first visit to Ohio

It is my first visit to the America, we have gone to many funny places and have taken many useful classes. Everyday we spend together, during the program,the emotions we get are happy and positive, everyone beside us let us know more about America, we learn America cultures by people surrounded us, people in America is very friendly, nice to everyone, and this moved me a lot. Here I want to share my photos to you.
We went to the zoo yesterday,can you see the comical expression on this goat?
This is my first experience of feeding a giraffe, the giraffe's tongue is very rough.
And the polar bear is the raptured swimmer. 
When I buy sport shoes, I found myself a pair of suitable shoes, but when I look up, it writes that "KIDS". Whatever, no one knows that I'm wearing kid's shoes. Hahaha! (You are already know that, right? Just keep this secret for me~)
In American schools they have a place to practice golf, but in China there is only few of colleges have the golf range. 
The days in Ohio are so lovely~
2014 WHU to OHIO~

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  1. Nice Crystal - looks like you are enjoying yourself during your trip and taking in a lot of the experience. Well done. Do you know what Team Buckeye is?


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