Thursday, July 17, 2014

Motorcycle Museum and Cold Stone

We went to the Motorcycle Museum in a small group.There were lots of amazing motorcycles in it.Each one had its own story and history.The one I think the most unique or special is HONDA US90.It introduced in the United States in 1970,was the world's first all-terrain vehicle.It had seven horsepower,a four-speed gearbox with automatic clutch,and sold for $595.This kind of motorcycle can be used both in water and on the ground.It has 3 wheels.But it has been banned to drive it for many years.Because it's too dangerous.
We went to the gift shop and Mike bought Angle a shirt.He's so nice.We took a picture in front of the flag of museum.It's really a nice day.
After the visiting,we went to the Cold Stone for some ice cream.Mike treated us.We all thanked a lot to Mike.He's really nice.And we all have an ice cream with different tastes.It tastes good and we felt full after eating them.

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  1. I never knew about the Honda US90! It's banned?! It sounds like something from a James Bond movie! :) I bet it was fun to ride.


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