Thursday, July 17, 2014


Today we visited Mike's house and spent a nice day here. I always want to go to an American's house and see what it is like so I really expected this visit.
Mike's home made me feel warm. We saw lots of pictures of him and his wife. They are so sweet.
We had a nice lunch at Mike's home. Mike's wife is very warmhearted,  and she and Han's mom made some spicy Chinese food for us. They are delicious! I believe we all miss the Chinese food very much. When we had lunch, Mike invited a band to play ROCK&ROLL for us. The songs were very beautiful. We sang together and we enjoyed it a lot.

 We played baseball after lunch. I hit the ball and it's very fun! Though I didn't do well enough, our team named HOT DRY NOODLES won the match.

After playing the baseball, some students played some instruments for us. They are so cool!

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  1. HOT DRY NOODLES!!! What a great team name. I wish I could eat some hot dry noodles now. Congratulations on winning the game. Will you play baseball again when you're back in China?


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