Thursday, July 17, 2014

Visit to East Asian Language Class!

Yesterday we got the precious chance to visit the East Asian language class in Ohio State University. We attended a Japanese class taught by a Chinese teacher at 9:10, then we visited a teachers training class that taught teachers how to teach Chinese, after that, we attended a Chinese language class.
The first class we visited was a Japanese class, there were about eight students in this class, they have been learning Japanese for a period of time so the class was taught in Japanese, it is really hard for us to understand what they were learning, luckily, I knew some Japanese words and simple sentences because I watched a lot of Japanese shows before. All the students spoke Japanese all the time, and their pronunciation were very good. I notice that their teaching way is quite different from our teaching way, in the Japanese class, the students keep talking in Japanese and practicing all the time, the teacher will make sure that everyone would have enough time to practice Japanese and learn something while in our English class, most of the time we will listen to our teacher reading their teaching book and take a test afterwards.Our English class should learn from the Japanese class, the teachers should make sure that everyone can be involved in the class and get the chance to practice their oral English.
After the Japanese class we went to visit the Chinese class.Though the class was taught in English, we can understand it completely. There were five foreign students in the Chinese class, and the teaching way was the same as that of the Japanese class, everyone had the chance to practice spoken Chinese.I have to admit that their Chinese class was really hard, and all the students did their best to pronounce the Chinese characters correctly.
The visit to East Asian language class is really precious, all of us learn a lot from these classes. Thanks Susy for providing this chance for us, that was a really wonderful experience for me!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! It is interesting for me to read about the differences between the way that languages are taught in the U.S. versus China. I think it would be a challenge to learn a language without having the opportunity to practice during class! Anyway, you all speak such great English, so it seems that you have learned it very well. You must have studied very hard!
    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!


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