Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Visiting the Zoo, Visiting American Culture From Another Aspect -- Isobel

    The first thing that impressed me a lot in the zoo was the phenomenon that was built up by American families. It has been a very long time since my dad took me to the zoo in Shenzhen. Actually, I nearly have no memory that I can spend holidays with my parents leisurely, visiting somewhere and studying something together. I saw happiness from passersby, which also made me happy.
     It's very interesting that American parents tend to provide their children with more space. It's very easy to see kids who are eating themselves with dirty face and hands and their parents don't care about their "dirty" behaviors and talk with them as usual.And the way parents talk with their children in American seems to be more like talking with a friend at their age. For instance, yesterday in the zoo, when some teammates of us were taking pictures with a sculpture, a kid ran towards to the sculpture and asked his mum to take a picture excitedly. However, his mother criticized him very severely, telling him to wait until it's his turn because we came first. The blame was straight and serious, which is totally different from parents in China who usually tend to placate their kids and persuade them without such strong tone. Even if I don't the true influence of American parents on their kids, I do appreciate that they treat their children like a real mature person.We all know that kids in China are just treated as a little kid without mature or significant behaviors. Taking children to a zoo, a park or places like that is a very good way for kids to communicate more with their parents and people around them, learn how to be a person in the colorful world and enrich their knowledge and minds.
   The vast and open territory here provides me with both the magnificent scenery of clouds and other natural objects and a spacious and broad spaces for my spirits and minds. It's obvious that in the zoo, polar bears seem to live in fairy tales with a cold blue ocean and green trees and giraffes seem to live in their original habitats in Africa with boundless grasslands. These situations seldom happen in China because of the price and value of the lands and the large amount of people. I really believe that open lands can positively influence people mentally and physically. Therefore, I really enjoy the life here (except for the food).

    By visiting the zoo, I discovered various cute and lively animals. They are eating besides visitors, swimming freely, playing with each other and enjoying themselves in my eyesight. Maybe you are appreciating them but they are almost free from your bothering, which is what I really want to learn from them -- their way to keep relationship with themselves and with human beings. If we are kind and friendly with them, they can live in harmony with us, no matter we are in a small zoo or in the whole world. We need to maintain our habits and thoughts just like animals do and don't care about other people's judgment. Every animal has their own habits and lifestyle, just like everybody has their own characters and thinking patterns. We need to respect with each other and protect the peace of the society.

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  1. You mentioned the parenting. I was very lucky, my dad consciously decided to adopt a more american approach when it came to raising me, while still holding some core beliefs of Chinese parenting. As a result, I am who I am today and couldn't be happier with my upbringing. It is true that parents in american allow more freedom for their children, but it also has it's downsides. Good observation!


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