Thursday, July 17, 2014

Classes of the department of East Asian Culture --Isobel

    I really need to thank Susy for taking us to the apartment of East Asian Culture with her patience, kindness and charming smiles. Even if I'm hardly able to understand what the teacher and students were saying in the Japanese class, I was still impressed by the ambiance where the teacher and students both spoke a lot. And it's interesting to see Americans to study Chinese, one of the most difficult languagues in the world.
    By visiting these classes, agin, I've noticed the trend of globalization and the development of knowledge. Learning languages besides a mother tongue truly provides people with a wider world and totally different experiences that are very possible for us  to influence our inner mind, our original lifestyle and something like that. I do believe that languages can act as bridges that provide a way to eliminate gaps between different nations and cultures. Nowadays, more and more people are learning different languages and caring about national affairs and diverse cultures, which witnesses a development of our society and the open mind of people. I'm always moved to see people being solidary and care about each other.
    It's hard to learn a language. However, if I can't speak English, I wouldn't be here to appreciate the extremely blue sky and to meet so many warm-hearted and interesting people. I appreciate everything that I have chance to experience a lot.


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  1. I love the themes that you captured from your visit to the class: globalization, bridging cultures, promoting diversity, and fostering care and compassion for others.
    It's nice that you're enjoying the experiences so far!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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