Saturday, July 26, 2014

Goodbye New York

Today was our last day in New York, we did some shopping and we went to the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art, the museum was so great that we didn't want to leave there, it would be wonderful if we could spend one whole day in the museum.
We visited the Egpytian art at the beginning, all the exhibitions were so mysterious and those were exhibitions we could hardly see in China.

We also visited the Asian art exhibitions, especially the Chinese art and calligraphy exhibitions, we saw a lot of American people and European people watch the Chinese exhibitions and we were so proud and so glad to see that Chinese culture was very popular in western countries.

Though the time was limited, we did learn a lot about Egyptian and Asian art, I hope that when I come back to New York next time, I could spend a whole day in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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  1. Yes, people in this part of the world are intrigued by culture and language from Asia. It's just so far! You know the distance now. :)

    Glad you enjoyed the museum. It is very cool indeed.


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