Monday, July 14, 2014

My experience of cross-culture communication between China and USA

You know, culture is the soul of a country. It exists everywhere, and it affects everything. Actually, I have learned some basic theories about cross-culture communication in Wuhan university, so I observe these phenomenons carefully with my heart all the time.

As a multicultural country, America includes all kinds of people from all over the world, which is quite different from China. What most impressed me is that whenever and wherever you meet someone, he will smile to you, very friendly.

The way of  teaching , the way of studying, the relationship between teacher and students open a new perspective to me. Teachers act as friends to us rather than elders. 
The trip to the columbus zoo attracts me most. I could even feel that animals enjoy living there. It is a really open style, I have to say animals in Chinese zoo are like in prison. Here, we can make approach to them,to look ,to feel, even to touch.
To popularize ecological knowledge; To harmonize the relatioship between human and nature. Maybe it is what the trip told us.
I hope china can construct more and more organic farm to raise the consciousness about environmental protection!


  1. I have the same hopes about the environment as you, but not only focused on China. You visited a great educational zoo that taught about conservation, protecting animals, and the environment. But not every American will take these lessons to heart. The goal though is that if one person can strive for change, then one by one, we can all make the world just a little bit better. Do you agree?

  2. Great observations during your time here. Also, remember that "Chinese culture" and "American culture" have thousands and thousands of sub cultures, like an onion. It's ok to think national culture but then take the next step and think about the next layer.


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