Thursday, July 10, 2014

Self introduction from Yasmine/Xie Yun

Good morning, everyone~My name is Xie Yun and my English name is Yasmine. I am a shy traditional Chinese girl from Beijing. Everyone says I am slow to get started, but I'll try my best to join into the team. I major in chemistry as a sophomore and will become a junior student after this summer vacation. I am interested in organic chemistry so I take part in Xumu Zhang's (a professor graduated from Stanford University and now work in College of Chemistry and Molecular Science of Wuhan University. The main research direction of him is chiral catalyst) group to do some experiments. It's my great honor to join this group and I have studied a lot from professor Zhang and my senior fellow apprentice. 
I am so sorry for my delay, you know it's not so convenient with Android... 


  1. Jasmine, did you post the whole thing with Android? Yes that takes too long. Thank you for your effort and really nice to know more about you. Please just know we will go back to library and spend time in computer lab so everyone can have time to write, and until then, let's share laptops! I will bring mine up so you all can use it. Nice to see more of you on the blog now!

    1. Thanks for your boost~You are so thoughtful^^~But my name is Yasmine...


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