Thursday, July 10, 2014

Carl's self introduction

 Hey,guys.I am Carl.I was born in Inner Mongolia,you might have already known something about me in today's sunrise.Yes,I introduced some special foods in my hometown,and I'll be glad to see you if you guys travel there.

 I like playing volleyball although I am not good at it.I also enjoy listening to music.Music just like my second life.So,if you have some favorite songs to share,that'll be our common topics.I would like to be your listener.Oh,by the way,I like exciting things,such as Bungee jumping is my next target in my life.

 Glad to be here.Hope we can make friends with each other.Thanks.


  1. Carl, thanks for your introduction and I get a much better idea of who you are. I like the pictures and I also like music a lot, from all countries. Hope we can share some favorites in our time here and all be friends!

  2. Yes,maybe I could write down some songs names which you recommend when we have free time.

  3. Hi Carl! This is a great introduction. What kind of music do you like? I also love music--I'm actually headed to a concert tonight! Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Hope you had fun in Cincinnati today!

    1. Yes,we have a lot of fun,and I also bought some gifts for my friends.I like some music band like Nickelback,Lawson and Linkin Park,maybe some rock music,and I also like some American country music.Hope to meet you too.


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