Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Time In Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

    When hearing that this zoo might be the greatest zoo in this nation, I just couldn't help looking forward to it. I have forgotten the exact time when I went to a zoo last time and I also haven't seen a zoo in other countries. So I just wandered if there was something brand new that I never saw before.
    After arriving at the zoo, I found that the whole zoo was divided into three main parts, which were Africa, Asia and Australia. The first two areas were quite familiar to me, so I started my tour with Australia.
    The first animal I saw was the flamingo, which has red fur and long neck. I learned from the sign that there are five species of flamingo found throughout tropical and subtropical areas of the world. They are really beautiful animals and I hope that I could see all five species by traveling around the world.
    Before I came to Columbus  zoo, the most special animal I wanted to see was koala. As is known to all, koala is the most significant animal in Australia, which has the similar statue with panda in China, so it's hard to us to see a koala in a Chinese zoo. I was pretty glad to find that there were two koalas in the zoo, but the pity was they were just too lazy to show their faces to me, so I could only take some photos of their backs.
    I ended up my four-hours tour at the gift shop where I bought a commemorative coin with a wolf on it. It was really a nice day and I hope all you guys enjoyed your day here.

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