Thursday, July 10, 2014

A brief introduction from Penny/Wang Mingpei

Hello,everyone!My name is Wang Mingpei,and you can also call my English name Penny.This English name is given by one of my English teacher who said that now that you love the money why not name at it? Then I found it's the same name with the chief actress of the Big Bang theory,i love this TV series and i think oh it's cool!

this is a photo of mine taken when i was traveling in Fenghuang ,a really beautiful small town in China.

this is my hometown,Nanchang.It's in the middle of china.Maybe it's not so quite modern rich and famous as other big cities in China,but I really love it,and welcome you all to come to my city!I can be your tour guide and find great places and delicious food!

I used to learn America from movies,TV series,cartoons,sports games and food.I really enjoy them all and I was looking forward to come to the US for so long time.I am so excited about coming to America now and hope we can have a nice time together!Thank you!


  1. Penny, thanks for your nice introduction and if I ever go to Nanchang for sure I will call you! There are SO many places I still want to see someday in China, God willing. We are happy to have you here and hope you stay happy and healthy.

  2. I agree! A very nice introduction. Now that you have been here for a few days, what do you think about the ways that US culture is portrayed in the movies, TV series, and cartoons that you've watched? I'm curious to hear what has surprised you the most and what seemed exactly as you expected...
    Also, great job in the self-defense class! I hope that you will have a chance to continue learning and practicing!
    Enjoy the last few days in Columbus!


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