Thursday, July 10, 2014

Women self-defense !so great!-by lynn

Today , Mike takes us to the gym.we learn women self-defense from Brieanne,she is such a good person that we all like her.we should become aware of the surroundings around us ,use six sense, body language ,verbal self- defense ,and physical self-defense when meet dangers.Then we practice the actions following Brieanne. Although she looks slim she is so powerful that we are so surprised. we really enjoy ourselves here!
I think women self-defense is different form kung fu in china. It doesn't need much basic training . We just need to master skills and practice the action a lot of time.Brieanne also told us we should adjust our actions to different surroundings. If we are tall we should use knee and if we are short we can use fingers. It is fun and practical. I learn and I feel happy today.


  1. I knew you would all really enjoy it. Brieanne is such a fun teacher and glad to see some of the action here in photos!

  2. Thanks for posting this, Zhang! had a fun time teaching all of you, and I was so impressed with how strong and powerful you were! Any time you want to practice again, just let me know. I hope you'll continue practicing to yell and thinking about how you can incorporate awareness, intuition, body language, verbal self-defense, and physical self-defense into your daily life.
    Thanks again for spending the evening with me!


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