Monday, July 14, 2014

Wonderful experience on rock climbing

Today we went to a wonderful place inside the campus, we went there for rock climbing. I have known rock climbing for a long time but I haven't tried it before, today's activity just provided me with a chance to experience a cool sports that is totally new for me.
We got there and changed our shoes and some needed equipment. To watch other people climbing the rock is not a hard thing, but when it comes to your turn, you would feel excited, nervous and probably a little bit scared. It was totally a fresh sports for all of us and it needed special skills to do it.
As our time was limited, each of us could only try twice. At the very beginning, Eric told us that when you are climbing, you should always use your legs and try to stand up, but do not use your arms, it was easy to understand but it was hard to put it into practice. For the first try, my arms were out of energy when I almost got there, I could not use my legs properly either, so I gave up and chose to get down. For the second time, we tried an even more difficult one,this one was higher and harder, luckily, I got to know how to use my legs instead of my arms though it was hard to find the next stone. Finally, nearly everyone made it to the top of the rock, especially Iris, as a girl, she was fast, she was really good at this sports!
Today's activity influences me a lot, it provided me with a precious chance to experience such an interesting and fresh sports that I would never dare to try back in China. And I still remember what Eric has told us, you are scared by your scare but not the rock climbing, it is true and it teaches us that we need to be braver and stronger.
After such a wonderful experience, I find myself fall in love with rock climbing, and I am sure that when I go back to China, I will try it again!! And thanks Eric for helping and leading us today!!!

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  1. You're welcome! You did awesome on Monday and I was impressed with how you "attacked" the wall! You're right, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"! Looking forward to seeing pictures of you in China climbing rock walls!


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