Monday, July 14, 2014

They are so cute~

Mike told us that beaver and American bison are the most important animals in the history of US in today's sunrise, it remands me of the cute beaver we have seen yesterday.

When we got close to the glass of the aquarium, it seemed excited and swam toward us with out hesited~It is such a cute animal with funny front tooth and fat body! We girls love it so much that all of my pictures have Tico's hands in it....Just like this...

It was a pity that we didn't see polar bears and what we have seen is empty aquarium with blue water...But it seemed like they were swimming in the sky when the fish swam above over head and it was beautiful.

Instead of polar bears, we saw brown bear enjoying the cool in the water. It was so close to me! Although there was a thick glass between the bear and me, I was a little scared😝

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