Monday, July 14, 2014

A Nice Day in the Zoo by Penny

Today we went to the Colombus zoo and aquarium.It's a really nice trip.
I can't even remember the specific time I went to a zoo last time.That seems to be a long time.I find so many animals,some even the first time I met.Finding something new is always a  really great thing.
.This zoo is quite different from the zoos in China.When we went to see the polar bears , we learned that we must find it by ourselves. That's really surprised us.Although both are trapped in a specific district,animals here have more freedom and wild nature to some extent.And this zoo is really care for animals.To protect the animals,there are no plastic covers and suckers  of the coke.This cause a little inconvenience but I am really touched for the thoughtfulness.Also this zoo is an educational zoo.I found a lot of signs like the pictures below.What's more,I really enjoyed the show.That's awesome!I never imagine I would see the chicken and goose playing a show on the court before!
These are signs are calling for protecting animals and raising thoughts.Also when I visited the snake gallery,I found that many species are endangered.That's too serious.We need animals.Our earth need all kinds of animals.I used to know every day many species die out.But the data is one thing,seeing the endangered animal is another thing.We should care about animals and care about our nature.

BTW,when we talk about the nature,there is one thing I want to say that the sky here is sooooooo beautiful!The sky is blue and the cloud is white.I really enjoy that!

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  1. Very thoughtful post Penny. That's great you enjoyed the zoo and that you understand some of the implications of losing different types of animals in our world. The Columbus Zoo is very specific about creating awareness.

    And yes, the sky here is quite blue. :)


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