Thursday, July 17, 2014

Today, we have a fascinating party in Mike's house.
Mike is so kind and considerate that he organized a series of  wonderful trips for us in the US.

This day, he invites us to his house to have a party which we enjoy a a lot .Mike's house is in classic American design which is rather different from what I'm use to living in China.We have a great time in his garden.
Mike invite a band to play music for us.We learned how to sing This Island is Your Island and Blowing in The Wind.
After the lunch, we go to play baseball for the first time. That's quite tough at the beginning but becomes easier later.
Thanks Mike, Eric,Peter,Susi and all the people who help us these days.It a honor to get acquaintance with all you guys.

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  1. Maybe you all can sing the songs that you learned when we meet for the closing dinner on Sunday! I'd love to hear you sing Blowing in the Wind!


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